Call for Peers


When I started my PhD courses I was warned this was a pretty deserted field here in Spain. I truly believe that now, more than 10 years after that but I refuse to conform to it passively. Thanks to the web I hope it is relatively easy to find people with this particular interest/vocation.

I would like to call on any scholar (independent or affiliated) who would want to collaborate in research about monstrosity, alterity, masculinity, femininity in Old English Literature.

The aim would be not only to generate articles about these topics and hopefully material for a collaborative chapter or even a volume in publishers such as Inter-Disciplinary but also to SHARE material: articles, CFP and conferences,new books and references, sites that have relevant information, share relevant information about the Medieval culture/literature, and importantly share about our interests that have to do with what we research (series, tv films)

I have to confess I have never shared on my knowledge because I have never found anyone interested in commenting and cheering about how the heroic theme is reflected in popular media. Anyone wanting to do an epic watching of Lord of the Rings, Hobbit or Vikings and relate it to literature, culture and history? “Normal” people do not really get it…

My main field of focus is Beowulf but I am also looking into other Old English texts and extending also into the Scandinavian sagas. People from other type of studies relating to these topics (monstrosity, alterity, masculinity, femininity) are also welcome to get in contact as I am willing to go interdisciplinary.

You can see my research here

Anyone interested just PM me either at or here at my site.


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